What If You Need a

Custom-Made LED Luminaire?


Sometimes a luminaire that is absolutely perfect for your project cannot be found in our extensive collection of ready-made luminaires. Don’t worry – the answer is a customized lighting solution! From the design to the final product, we produce an LED lighting solution that meets your needs.

The concept for our luminaire production process:

🔎 1. NEED – Client has a need with lighting application

💡 2. SOLUTION – We communicate with the client and clarify their needs

🛠 3. PROTOTYPE – We make the first prototype and improve the product

📄 4. CERTIFICATES – We apply for the required certificates for the luminaire

🏭 5. PRODUCTION – Production starts!

Don’t hesitate to contact us,
we are here for you!

Petri Salminen

Chief Operating Officer

Samuli Sainio


You get five-star service from Finlight!


» At the end of 2021, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The results showed how we have delivered on our value proposition as a customer-oriented company.

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