What If You Need a

Custom-Made LED Luminaire?


Sometimes a luminaire that is absolutely perfect for your project cannot be found in our extensive collection of ready-made luminaires. Don’t worry – the answer is a customized lighting solution! From the design to the final product, we produce an LED lighting solution that meets your needs.

The concept for our luminaire production process:

🔎 1. NEED – Client has a need with lighting application

💡 2. SOLUTION – We communicate with the client and clarify their needs

🛠 3. PROTOTYPE – We make the first prototype and improve the product

📄 4. CERTIFICATES – We apply for the required certificates for the luminaire

🏭 5. PRODUCTION – Production starts!

Don’t hesitate to contact us,
we are here for you!

Petri Salminen

Chief Operating Officer

Samuli Sainio


Finlight Group Oy and the first full coronavirus year 2021


» About two years ago began a challenging period that has brought a great deal of uncertainty and stress to both business and personal life. We have had to change our daily routines, redesign our logistics solutions and range of services.

Want to Join Our Team?


» The available position has been filled. We are looking for a determined, hard-working and skilled person who wants to commit to his or her tasks and work with a positive approach for our production facility in the center of Akaa.

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