Finlight’s LED Profile And LED Light Strip

Catalogue has been released!


According to many, there are at least one hundred and one LED light strips and profiles on the market. Available for interior use, workstation and commercial shelf lighting, yard and landscape lighting, car interior lighting, stage lighting, signs and advertisements… As mentioned, LED light strips with the right profiles are perfect for this, that and the other!

Finlight’s updated LED Profile and LED Light Strip Catalogue makes it easy to find a spot on products for your projects! This allows you to order suitable profiles, light strips and accessories for your applications at once. So you can start your lighting project from the right side of the bed.

You will get the username and password by sending your name and the name of the company where you work by e-mail (

If you feel that you still need advice on choosing products, we will be happy to help you!

See the Finlight™ LED Profile and LED Light Strip Catalogue

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