There Are Still Major Delays

in Imports And Exports And No End in Sight


Efficient and effective logistics is an important service for us, but above all for our customers. The restrictions on exports, imports and travel imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic have delayed freight and made it more difficult as well for us to import and export.

On behalf of all logistics companies, our company deplores the delays that have already occurred and will occur in freight traffic, as well as the inability of international operators in the industry to keep their service promises during the force majeure. We strive to do our best for our customers so that delivery times are not stretched too long, but the constant delays in sea, train and air freight make our task impossible.

Deep apologies to our customers, we ask for your patience. We hope that freight traffic will return to normal from the chaos and that we will once again be in a situation where freight is moving on time again.

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Samuli Sainio


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