Testing Our Products

Is a Crucial Step


At the moment there are 200 pieces of Marine Grade Tubular LED Luminaires to be tested. We make sure every luminaire meets our high standards before we send the products to clients.

These 20W Long Life model luminaires are going to the marine environment as passage way light in Central Europe.

Our products are the best option – whether it is a hot or cold climate and/or corrosive humid and salty sea air. Our Finnish quality products can be found all the way to the shores of the Persian Gulf.

The brightest star is the high-power LED floodlights in the FL-CC Marine Grade category.

Want to Join Our Team?


» The available position has been filled. We are looking for a determined, hard-working and skilled person who wants to commit to his or her tasks and work with a positive approach for our production facility in the center of Akaa.

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