At the Pori Promenade Center, the atmosphere changes by adjusting the color

Finlight’s FL-OID4 RGBW LED Light Strip was installed in a wide aluminum profile, which opal dome cover is larger than a conventional cover, thus reducing possible glare and making the solution more aesthetic.

In addition to red, green, blue, and these variations, the RGBW LED light strip produces white light with a defined color temperature. Color adjustment is done conveniently with the help of the Finnish Casambi control system using a free application that can be downloaded to a mobile phone or tablet. Through the control system, you can also set different rhythms for the lighting controls. The normal control switch can also be used to change the color of the lobby.

The RGBW-LED lighting around the lobby was designed by electrical designer Jussi Alatalo (Certified Commissioning Partner of Casambi) from Etteplan.

Promenadikeskus is a cultural and event center located in the center of Pori, along the main street Yrjönkatu.

Watch the video and see how different color temperature change the mood of the space!