Petri Salminen Has Joined

Our Company’s Day-to-day Operations!


Our team was strengthened when Petri Salminen joined our company’s day-to-day operations from the beginning of this month. He has already been a partner and chairman of the Board of Directors for over two years.

Petri moved from Konecranes Finland Oy, where he worked for more than 24 years, past two years as a project manager with automated port container cranes. Previously Petri has worked as the chief electrical engineer for container crane projects around the world, of which he has solid experience.

“I bring with me a large network of global players from all over the world and from different cultures that strengthen our offering abroad. I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship, and this is where you get thrown into it. So there’s still a lot to learn.”

Petri Salminen

Chief Operating Officer
Finlight Group Oy

+358 40 554 9139

Finlight Group Oy and the first full coronavirus year 2021


» About two years ago began a challenging period that has brought a great deal of uncertainty and stress to both business and personal life. We have had to change our daily routines, redesign our logistics solutions and range of services.

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» The available position has been filled. We are looking for a determined, hard-working and skilled person who wants to commit to his or her tasks and work with a positive approach for our production facility in the center of Akaa.

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