Finlight Staff

Get to Know Our Amazing Team

Finlight employs experts in the field of LED lighting with solid experience in luminaire manufacturing, lighting in special conditions and luminaire integrations. We take on even the most difficult challenges and with our know-how we have managed to illuminate the most challenging objects and equipment. So we do much more than just sell luminaires.

Our team has been steadily replenished with top performers and we are constantly looking for experts in our field. In our relaxed atmosphere, it is easy to feel yourself comfortable. Our Christmas and summer parties have become a tradition and lift the spirit of togetherness further.

Sini Jurva (On maternity leave)

Graphic Design and Communication

For more than 7 years improved image and communication of Finlight and almost as long worked as an entrepreneur. Interest in the graphic field is maintained by continuous development and learning new things. In her free time, she relaxes with Netflix doing different hairstyles for her dog.

Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences
Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Graphic Design
Tampere Adult Education Centre
Further Qualification in Media, Online Communication

Zoe Li

China Supply Chain Manager

Zoe has been in LED lighting industry more than 8 years and she is in charge of all suppliers. Her job is to find the best quality materials for Finlight’s LED projects. For her, music is the medicine of a troubled mind and running keeps her going.

English Major
Henan Normal University
Business English Sales Major

Samuli Sainio

CEO, Shareholder

Samuli is one of the shareholders in the company, keeping things together. He has elephant’s memory: even five-year-old customer orders with all the specs comes to mind quick as flash. He has also been a cultural manager for our annual summer and Christmas party trips.

Pyynikki Vocational School
Vocational Qualification in Electrical Engineering, Electric Power Mechanic