Finnish Quality on the Shores of the Persian Gulf

Marine Grade category LED luminaires manufactured by Finlight Group Oy are the best choice for extreme conditions. These custom-made products are designed for applications where robust construction, vibration resistance and reliability are required.

Our products are the best option – whether it is a hot or cold climate and / or corrosive humid and salty sea air.

Our Finnish quality products can be found all the way to the shores of the Persian Gulf. The brightest star is the high-power LED floodlights in the FL-CC Marine Grade category.


Nosturivalaistus / Crane Lighting

FL-CC Marine Grade suuritehoiset LED-valonheittimet nosturivalaisimina. / FL-CC Marine Grade High Power LED Floodlights as Crane Luminaires.

Check Out Our Heavy-duty Marine Grade Luminaires:

» FL-CC Marine Grade LED Floodlight
» FL-TBL-2 LED Luminaire
» FL-PW Marine Grade LED Luminaire


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