2022 Was the Year of

Changes And Adaptation


The past year was a winds of changes for Finlight. 2022 started in a positive mood with the lifting of Corona restrictions. We had an assumption that a strong boom is finally starting. For the first time in its history, Finlight also got another entrepreneur to lead the company’s everyday life from the beginning of February.

Despite our positive expectations, the opposite happened, and a period of uncertainty began due to the initiation of unforgivable hostilities by our eastern neighbour. So, for many reasons, we lived through a very uncertain period from early spring until early autumn. Due to the continuous increase in the prices of materials and the total collapse of international logistics, our production schedules started to slip away – sometimes badly.

We were unable to predict the availability of raw materials for almost half a year. At worst, the delivery times increased almost tenfold and we didn’t have a clue about the arrival of the material in terms of international logistics.

In addition to the start of another entrepreneur, there were more changes in the company’s personnel than in several previous years combined. The personnel changes, together with the review and updates of the company’s processes, led to different patience exercises for each of them. It was time to adapt, integrate and keep calm.

As autumn passed and winter came, we began to see light at the end of a long and dark tunnel. We were catching up with the situation in terms of personnel and finally sorted out the long peak times in production. At the dawn of 2023, the entire Finlight team had refined itself into a better organization, where positivity and the spirit of doing were again present and a common tone was being found in the same way as it was before the start of the confusing Corona season.

I want to thank our customers for the past, challenging year. Having learned from changes and adaptation, Finlight continues to move forward stronger, more experienced and more committed towards solving our customers’ challenges.

Samuli Sainio
Finlight Group Oy

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Petri Salminen

Chief Operating Officer

Samuli Sainio


Finlight Group Oy and the first full coronavirus year 2021


» About two years ago began a challenging period that has brought a great deal of uncertainty and stress to both business and personal life. We have had to change our daily routines, redesign our logistics solutions and range of services.

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