Akaan Apteekki Bathes in the Light

The project started with the lighting of an old light sign. Soon we were surveying the store and office space in the pharmacy, and the lighting was renewed overall at once. Now Akaan Apteekki has been completely renovated in terms of lighting and the annual energy savings are significant.


At the beginning of the year 2020, the lighting renovation of Akaan Apteekki was completed. The old luminaires with compact fluorescent lamps were replaced with energy efficient Finlight FL-BACK LED Light Panels. The old luminaires were placed to illuminate the previous product placement. The light output was also not at the desired level. When installing the new LED light panels, we took into account the locations of the product shelves and corridors, and we placed the light panels to illuminate not only the space but also the products.

See how Akaan Apteekki changed after the lighting renovation: